About Us

About Us

Cellanyx has developed proprietary live tumor cell phenotypic biomarker tests to improve cancer risk-stratification and allow informed clinical decision making. The Company’s unique approach provides quantitative and actionable information based on analysis of thousands of live tumor cells.  The Company’s tests employ a microfluidic platform combined with machine vision and machine learning approaches to analyze phenotypic morphological, biochemical and biophysical markers.

Cellanyx has demonstrated initial clinical proof-of-concept with its lead phenotypic test in prostate cancer. The initial clinical proof-of-concept study was conducted to demonstrate improved risk stratification in men with low and intermediate Gleason grade (6 and 7) disease and reduce the number of repeat biopsies.  Furthermore, analysis of “field” samples (away from the suspicious core) demonstrated the potential value of Cellanyx phenotypic test as it was able to analyze the tumor microenvironment conditions and predict expected adverse pathology from samples that were not taken from the suspicious core.  These new findings from the Cellanyx prostate test are transformative as it will reduce the errors in diagnosing cancers early due to sampling heterogeneity of prostate biopsies.

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