Technology Platform

Technology Platform

Cellanyx’s technology uniquely enables the use of live single tumor cells to analyze tumor cell behavior.  The technology measures multiple phenotypic, biochemical and physical (morphologic) biomarkers utilizing microfluidics techniques, microscopy and machine vision and learning algorithms. The Company’s first-in-class phenotypic biomarker platform generates quantitative, predictive and actionable metrics of adverse pathology at time of radical prostatectomy. The Company’s platform has identified several new phenotypic biomarkers, such as cytoskeletal dynamics, adhesion dynamics, tumor micro-environment interactions, and assessment of protein sub-cellular localization, modification, and dynamics.   In addition, Cellanyx phenotypic test also evaluates protein modification and dynamics, which are predictive hallmarks of cancer cell behavior.

The Company’s focus on biomarkers of live cell behavior is distinct from traditional light microscopic examination of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue and genomic biomarker tests which predict adverse pathology based on measurement of small number of selected genes.

The identification and initial validation of Cellanyx’s first-in-class, phenotypic biomarkers is enabled by Cellanyx’s breakthrough approach to culturing live tumor cells from primary tumors. The Company’s technology utilizes proprietary extracellular matrix (ECM) formulations and couples it with microfluidic devices that mimic the cellular microenvironment.    Intelligent machine vision and learning algorithms are added to its technological capabilities for each sample analyzed. The intelligent algorithms developed by Cellanyx are able to distinguish tumor cells from normal, indolent or benign cells, and are able to generate quantitative, actionable biomarker measurements that predict adverse pathology (local tumor invasion and lymphovascular and nodal extension) at time of radical prostatectomy.

Cellanyx has filed broad patents that cover its proprietary and first-in-class phenotypic test platform.  The patent applications include the disclosure of various extracellular matrices (ECM), microfluidic device designs, intelligent machine vision and learning algorithms, and novel phenotypic biomarkers.  The first of these core patents has issued in Europe.


The Cellanyx live tumor cell phenotypic biomarker platform has the potential for use in a wide range of solid tumors – prostate, breast, kidney, bladder and non-small cell lung cancers.

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